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Sighişoara Blues Festival 2012: Cine cântă joi 23 februarie

Samuel James (Portland, USA) - http://therealsamueljames.com/
The last of the great, black, American troubadours, Samuel James is a performer of stunning singularity. He has irreversibly changed what it means to be a solo act. Unfortunately for the reader he is unique to the point of non-comparison. I mean, seriously, he’s been called, “…the Guardian of Lightning,” by Rolling Stone, France. That’s pretty serious, right? He has mastered the guitar, piano, harmonica, and banjo. Yup, even the banjo. - The Real Samuel James (fb page)

Johnny Winter (USA)
- în 1988 e inclus în Hall of Fame-ul bluesului
- în 2003 intră pe locul 74 în topul 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, făcut de revista Rolling Stone
There’s a famous story about a time in 1962 when Johnny and his brother went to see B.B. King at a Beaumont club called the Raven. The only whites in the crowd, they no doubt stood out. But Johnny already had his chops down and wanted to play with the revered B.B.”I was about 17,” Johnny remembers, “and B.B. didn’t want to let me on stage at first. He asked me for a union card, and I had one. Also, I kept sending people over to ask him to let me play. Finally, he decided that there enough people who wanted to hear me that, no matter if I was good or not, it would be worth it to let me on stage. He gave me his guitar and let me play. I got a standing ovation, and he took his guitar back!” (http://www.johnnywinter.net/about/johnny-winter/)

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